Welcome to KS2 Science Courses!

A very warm welcome to my new website that covers the Key Stage 2 Science National Curriculum.   Putting together all of the Powerpoints and subsequently recording the videos, has taken me more or less twelve months to complete, but I’m really pleased with the end product.

I have used the Key Stage 2 Science National Curriculum as my guide, and I have also utilised the excellent materials produced by CGP.  In particular, I have included links to the CGP Workouts.  These booklets are very reasonably priced and contain questions and worksheets that really help to consolidate the information – I do recommend these Workout booklets, and you’ll be pleased to hear that I take no commission for my recommendation.

As always, I really do appreciate your feedback, so if you have any comments to make about the materials then please email me.

Through my video courses, I now have a complete range of materials from Year 3 in Key Stage 2, to Key Stage 3, and right through to the final year of the iGCSE.  I’m always open to ideas, so if there is anything that you would like me to tackle next then please let me know.  I am toying with the idea of producing some ‘kitchen sink’ practical science videos – what do you think?